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Don’t take my word for it, see how I do things a little differently.


I joined Helen at one of her confidence workshops earlier this summer and I found it transformational.

Helen facilitates the group in a way that allows each of you to feel safe and supported, which makes it feel easy to share.

Helen makes working in a group is incredibly invigorating, knowing you are not alone is such a comforting experience and working with Helen you work through multiple different techniques to help with confidence.

Helen advocates herself that you won’t experience results in a day, and just working keeping fit you need to work hard at keeping your brain in shape.

The techniques Helen shared with me I am using each day and it is really helping me gain more confidence in my abilities.

Louise – Student

I’m happy to recommend Helen. She is someone who really takes the time and tries to get to the bottom of things.

She is very skilled in keep asking questions so that every detail gets discussed. She also has an original way of looking at things or explaining situations which is very helpful. Thanks Helen!

Simone – Career Coaching

Helen moved me from having a dream/goal to achieving it in a remarkable short space of time.

When I met Helen I had an idea of where I wanted to go, but was full of doubt and fear and totally without the directions I needed to get there.

I clicked with Helen partly because of her background but also because she is warm, down to earth and very no nonsense.

In just a few shorts months Helen helped me move from inaction, indecision and insecurity to ACTION aplenty and starting my own business (which less than a year on from my first meeting with Helen is thriving).

What I like best about Helen is the fact she believes in me, holds me accountable and yet I trust her with highly sensitive and personal information. I feel she knows me and cares me about yet can kick my ass to success in a way that few others (family included) can.

I believe the best coaches push you continually to reach the successes you are capable of and challenge you continually, relentlessly on any limiting beliefs (this Helen does almost as a reflex).

I cant recommend Helen highly enough. She has helped me to start living the life of my dreams and if you are willing to be open and to take her advice on board her coaching can be revolutionary.

Caroline – Executive Business Coaching

I have struggled with confidence and imposter syndrome for years, maybe even my whole life, so I was really interested in Helen’s one day confidence and mindset workshop.

I am so pleased that I decided to invest in myself for a day and give it a go because it was absolutely brilliant.

Helen had loads of insight and gave really good practical advice about tackling our inner chimps and it was really lovely to meet such a great group of women, share our issues and help each other at the same time.

My issues haven’t gone away overnight but I have left with a workbook and tools to help me tackle this issue.

I know I’m not the only one going through this and I know now that I can change my mindset. Oh and the lunch was really yummy too!

Claire – Fundraising Consultant

Attending Helen’s workshop was so much more than a one day course, she has given me a life long lesson in managing my confidence!

Whilst Helen can’t wave a magic wand to make my unhelpful thoughts disappear, she has given me the gift of being able to learn how to handle and interpret them which is so much more empowering.

It was also so enlightening to be surrounded by a group of others like me, who are constantly battling between the determination to achieve and the struggle to believe in your own ability.

As a manager of a team of four, I am excited to be able to share my learnings with my team and Helen provided some fantastic literature that I will be using going forward.

For anyone being held back by unhelpful thoughts or lacking the motivation or bravery to make a change, I would thoroughly recommend Helen’s workshop – you will leave ready to take on the world!

Phoebe – Fundraising Manager


Before my sessions with Helen I had made some pretty major assumptions about the course of my life, without really thinking about it.

This left me feeling dejected and uninspired about my future, unable to get passionate about any opportunities that came my way.

I also had a bad habit of planning to improve myself, rather than actually starting practical self-improvements plans.

I expected the sessions to involve a lot of discussion around my education, and what paths that it opened for me, but we spent most of our time focusing on what I enjoyed doing, and wanted out of life.

This approach really changed my perspective, and allowed me to consider opportunities I had previously thought unrealistic.

The sessions also helped me get control of my personal life, by focusing on factors that were within my control, instead of focusing on unrealistic ideals.

I would say that my time with Helen was the biggest factor in my professional and personal success, and I  would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking help with personal or professional development.

Toby Brock

I have worked with Helen in a number of capacities, from looking for a job, to career coaching and also personal development.

Each time I came away with a sense of purpose and a feeling that I could achieve what I wanted to achieve. Helen took the time to understand what I really wanted out of the sessions and also out of life and worked with me to find a way to make it happen.

I also came away from our discussions with a clear plan of action and next steps to take before we spoke again. I would highly recommend speaking to Helen if you are considering what your next steps are in terms of your career or life goals.

Sally – Career Coaching

Helen was a great help when I was seeking a new role but not knowing quite what direction to take. Helen asks all the right questions and makes you quickly realise that you do have the answers, you just need some help in uncovering them!

Helen is very personable and I instantly warmed to her in our first session and would highly recommend her to anyone needing career guidance, personal development or otherwise.

Jennie – Career Coaching

Happy to recommend Helen, very professional, a great coach and genuinely great in all things people. She has helped me a lot to rethink and clarify my skills and achievements, helping to build a strong CV and be more confident in answering interview questions that I previously had difficulties with.

Her sessions are effective, inspiring and fun, challenging your thinking and leading you to solutions which is very empowering.

Judit – Career Coaching

You really are an amazing coach! It’s like you have a gift, you have a natural skill at it! Basically you rock

Caroline – Career Coaching

Helen provides very useful insight into handling those tricky interview questions that are typically responded to with stock or clichéd answers. If you have a challenge around knowledge gaps in an interview, Helen has great ideas about how to turn the situation to your advantage

Daniel – Interview Coaching

I have just had a 30 minute consultation with Helen and I found it ever so inspirational and also very motivational.

Her advice has helped me lots and prepared me for the future. I cannot praise Helen enough she certainly knows what she is talking about. I have no hesitation in recommending Helen if anyone is seeking advice on any of the topics she has mentioned in her profile.

Rakesh – Interview Coaching

Behind every great entrepreneur, there’s a great coach – thank you Helen

Sarah – Business Coaching  

Helen is a very astute individual, quickly identifying my skills & experience and matching them to the perfect role – thanks you for a job well done!

Lee – Career Coaching

It is a genuine privilege to be able to recommend Helen. She helped me move into my current role – a decision which I’m indebted to her for! She took the time to explain both the challenges and the immense opportunity it would represent. I never felt that her advice was given with a vested interest. I completely trusted her advice. It was a pleasure to work with her!

Layla – Career Coaching

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Helen. She is proactive and really took the time to understand what kind of things I was looking for. She is an excellent consultant, advocating for me at every step of the process.

Miriam – Career Coaching

Helen is a thorough and dependable recruitment consultant, who takes a keen interest in her candidates and offers one to one support during the recruitment process. She delivers excellent information to both client and candidate, and can be relied upon to give honest and constructive feedback.

Helen is very warm and welcoming, and adds the personal touch to her work, She is a pleasure to work with.

Helen – Career Coaching

I have been working at the University of London for nearly 18 months, with a remit to establish and expand a new Development Office team. My first thought when I was recruiting was to bring in Helen again – and once again she has delivered.

In the first instance Helen took the time to learn what our organisation needed, the type of culture we have here and what sort of person would fit into our team.   People are at the heart of everything we do, and she went beyond what most recruitment consultants would do to identify excellent candidates and explain to them what we were all about.

We have our wonderful Development Communications Manager and our Major Gifts Manager all because of Helen’s hard work, creativity and persistence.  It is absolutely true to say that neither of my new colleagues would have applied, or even been aware of these jobs without Helen.

Helen takes the time to listen, review what we need and then just goes out and makes it happen.  As the employer you do also need to be involved in the process, and give Helen the answers to her questions – you get out as much as you put into it, but at all times I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Helen and will continue to do so.

Director of Development at University of London – Recruitment Coaching

Working with Helen has been a pleasure – her friendly disposition and charisma, coupled with her professional knowledge, advice and guidance makes her a very valued and trusted contact.

Benjamin – Health & Wellness Coaching

Helen is a very skilled consultant and a lovely person. She takes time to understand you and your life. She is a pleasure to work with and I’d have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Patrick – Executive Coaching

I’ve worked with York-Walker on a couple of assignments and appreciate the refreshing, no-nonsense, honest and positive approach.

Shirley – Career Coaching

Can’t recommend Helen enough. She knows the sector backwards, and understands how to get the best out of opportunities.

Paul – Career Coaching

For years I had the ambition to start up my own business, yet I had ignored this dream and made endless excuses to justify why I could never make my dream a reality.  Coaching wasn’t easy, but Helen made me realise that I wasn’t living the life I really wanted, which was impacting my family and the quality of those relationships.

I cannot recommend Helen highly enough. I still check back in with Helen so that I am sure my business and my life is on track. At last, I feel happy and truly fulfilled. 

I am no longer a Finance Executive, I now run my own successful florist and loving life!

Claire – Career Coaching

I originally contacted Helen as I was interested in having a few sessions regarding my career situation at the time.

However, I really liked Helen’s holistic approach which led us to discuss other areas of my life which were also key and potentially impacting my career decisions and the way I thought about my situation.

Helen is fantastic at listening and really getting you to question your thoughts, actions and approaches. She provides you the tools to go forward when you are ‘feeling a bit stuck’ and definitely help me get back to a more motivated place, which ultimately did help with my career and important decisions.

Due to distance we had our sessions via Face Time. I must admit, initially I was a little concerned if I would be comfortable with this as I would have ideally preferred meeting in person, but this worked really well, and I didn’t feel it to be a barrier but in fact felt like she was in the room there with me!

I would definitely recommend Helen and her services and I am sure I will be getting back with Helen in the future for more session when required.

Natalie – Career Coaching


Helen has CHANGED my life.

When I met her, and I cant (quite) believe it is not even 3 years ago yet, I was doing well in my career, was good at what I did, earning well and I like to think, fairly confident and with a healthy grasp of the whole ‘self worth’ thang!
Helen was like a miraculous tonic (when tonic comes tough, swift, hard hitting with a strong Northern accent), and she has pushed me much further than I ever thought possible and continues to stretch me and challenge me so I can reach (even) further towards joy, peace, success, wealth and a life even better than the one I always dreamed of. (Who’d have thunk it?)

I am happy to report I am well on my way already.

Her coaching is just as applicable to those who are ‘nailing it’ (go you) as it is to those who are hoping to but maybe struggling with confidence and money issues (I have been in both seats)

She is also one of THE! nicest, kindest yet toughest (she WILL kick your ass) people I have met.

As I Say to her ”Thank God Helen, you didn’t become an accountant”

An amazing coach, a gorgeous person and a beautiful (tough) soul.

Caroline Phillips