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About Helen Walker

I’m sorry that I ever lied to you, forgive me, but I was too scared of what you might think of me.

When I very first began coaching, I had the massive misconception that nobody in their right mind would want to work with me If they knew my secret.

You see, when I qualified as a coach, I had finally got my shit together.

I’m confident and full of self-belief, a completely different person from the who I used to be.

I haven’t always been this person you see today.



Eliminate self doubt

Learning to eliminate self doubt is something that i am so passionate about. This month, I’ve been writing about all things relationships. Romantic ones, work related and the relationship you have with yourself.

This week I want to write about the relationship you have with your mind because I think this is one of the most abused (and allowed) relationships

Let’s think about it for a moment. You meet up with a friend for coffee, she greets you by telling you how much weight you’ve put on since you last met, how that jumper looks like an old bin bag on you oh and blue really isn’t your colour.

Over a brownie, You tell her about a new opportunity you are thinking about going for and she shuts you down with a “blimey, you don’t have the right experience for that and you are way too old, don’t even think about it. You would never get it anyway, not with a face like yours, I’d stop with these thoughts because you really do sound like an idiot.

You arrive home feeling like the total loser that you are and you’ve put your dreams in the bin where they belong!

What would you do next?..

I am passionate in my belief that everyone is good enough, everyone can reach their passion and live a life they love. I think that this is one of the main reasons I love working as a coach so much. I love it when a client who lacks self beliefs shares in detail their ultimate goals and then together we unlock a strategy and make it happen!

My clients come to coaching for a whole host of reasons, some want to find a more rewarding career, some people want to find more effective ways to lead their team, some people want to find a fulfilling relationship and others want to work on their own confidence. At the heart of all of these changes is self belief and that nagging question which propels self doubt like rocket fuel “am I good enough”

Let’s just start by saying yes you are! We all are.