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I Can’t Afford To Start My Own Business

I can't afford to start my own business

“Starting a business, OMG are you mad? Why would you give up your great salary and secure job?”

This was the typical response when I told people that I was leaving my job in recruitment to start my own business.

This fear had never even entered my head until everyone else kept banging on about it!

I had been thinking about starting a business for over 4 years and even bored myself with all the talk, I decided that 2013 was my year, I was going to do it regardless of all the negative comments I received!

Money has such a hold over us

Of course, if you want a nice life, live in a nice house, buy food, all the necessities and even life’s luxuries, you’re gonna need money.

However, it pains me to see so many amazingly, talented women stuck in their 9-5, simply because of this thing called money!

So many women I coach want to set up their own business. Can you guess what their number 1 fear is?

Yes, you guessed it, money!

So here’s a few ideas for all you women who use the excuse “I can’t afford to leave my job and start my own business.

Excuses, what do you mean?

You may have felt a bit riled when you read the word excuses, but lady lady that’s what they are – excuses that mask your fear.

Giving yourself an excuse why you’re not going to take action just means you don’t have to face up to your fears.

But these are your dreams we are talking about, how many more years will you waste, wishing you could make it happen?

But I believe in you, I know you can do this and have exactly what it takes to make your dream of running your own business a reality.

It’s all about mindset

Success is 20% strategy and 80% mindset, so don’t kid yourself that you can’t afford to make your dreams happen.

Once you work on developing a growth mindset, that spots opportunities and doesn’t default to the negative “I can’t do this” the easier that making the leap will become.

Free Gift

I’ve created a free guide for women just like you! I know first hand that starting a business can be scary. So download my free guide 10 fears to overcome when starting a business, you will find out exactly how to overcome them, so you can start taking action and stop letting your fears and worries stand in your way!

Cracking your mindset, opens up the path to creating a life and business you love. The question is, are you ready!

Download my free guide – 10 fears to overcome when starting a business


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