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Are You Falling Into The Trap Of Self-Doubt?


How many times a day does your self-doubt stop you from doing something you really want to?


  • Asking for a pay rise
  • Taking to your manager about an issue that’s bothering you
  • Asking someone out on a date
  • Telling someone how you feel
  • Sending a proposal to a new client
  • Going to the gym
  • Raising your prices
  • Taking the leap and starting your own business
Self-doubt is defined as the lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities

The important thing to remember is that confidence is situational; in some situations, your confidence is a 10, in others, maybe a 3. It’s  wrong to describe yourself as either confident or unconfident – that’s simply not true.

The trick to increasing your confidence levels in all areas of your life is to notice when you are falling into one of the four traps of self-doubt. Once you are aware of which trap you are falling into, you can finally start to take action!

  • You feel uncertain
  • There’s something you really want to do, yet you overthink and never take the action needed
  • Self-doubt makes you indecisive and fail to make a decision
  • Waiting until you are in the mood to take action
  • Wanting to say something, yet you stop yourself
  • You seek constant validation that what you are doing is right
  • You fear rejection
  • You avoid doing something
  • Your self-doubt is so high, you convince yourself the outcome will be negative
  • You seek validation that you are worthy
  • You take rejection personally
  • You fixate on what could go wrong
  • You replay past failures over and over
  • Your self-doubt means you strive for perfection
  • You create a lot of excuses
  • You are convinced things won’t work out
  • You feel completely at a loss
  • Self-doubt makes you feel like a victim
  • You tell yourself “nothing goes right for me”
  • Nothing is in your control

Any of these traps of self-doubt sound familiar?

What next?

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