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History of York Walker

Executive Coaching

For new and experienced leaders

Management coaching provides a challenging and supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organisations by improving performance through developing self-awareness, focus and confidence.

Management coaching isn’t about fixing poor managers, indeed the opposite – it is about making good managers great!

You might find working with a management coach useful if you are:

  • Going through a career transition or have recently been promoted into a more senior role,
  • Managing a team for the first time and would welcome external support.
  • Returning to work after a period of leave, sick leave or returning to work after a family and would like the support coaching provides during this transition.
  • Looking to develop your team.
  • An organisation looking to develop your top talent.
  • Dealing with conflict in the workplace.
  • Improving productivity and performance in your team.
  • Experiencing or leading a team through a period of change.
  • Lacking support or challenge to develop and grow your potential in the workplace.
  • Finding and developing your leadership style.

Working with newly appointed managers, those with high potential or experienced senior executives, I create robust, strong and confidence-building partnerships which are underpinned by sound coaching principles and well validated techniques. Management coaching in essence is about building the skills to realise high performance.

Invest in executive coaching, invest in yourself, you deserve it!

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