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Transformational Coaching

Finding your true potential in life, in work or in your relationships can feel like a daunting and unachievable task. Transformational coaching is often called life coaching and is designed to focus on you. Working together we create a safe and confidential environment, providing you with the space to see clearly and be clear on what you want.

Coaching isn’t just about talking over things; it is about getting results! Sometimes that’s making a complete change, other times it is about creating a new way of thinking. Whatever your path, coaching will help you to work out what is right for you, then practically, what you can do about it.

As your Coach, how I help you?

Stress & Anxiety

Life is fast paced and ever changing, both our personal and work lives are under constant pressure, so it’s no wonder feelings of stress and anxiety leave you feeling unable to cope. Stress impacts all areas of our lives from our thinking, how we feel, our relationships, our work, level of balance and even how our bodies function.

If you feel constantly worried, moody and irritable then stress and anxiety coaching is for you. During our sessions, we will focus on your triggers and tackle behaviours and limiting beliefs so that you can start living a stress-free life.


Relationships are complex and communication can easily breakdown. Perhaps you are struggling with your relationship with your kids, your partner, family members, your boss or work colleagues. Maybe you are struggling with the internal conflict with yourself and find yourself continually asking “who am I”? This uncertainty with who the real you is causes uncertainty, anxiety and worry, coaching focuses on you to resolve this internal conflict so that you can re-engage with your life and those around you, leaving you feeling refreshed with more confidence, less self-critical with a happier and more fulfilled life.

Confidence, Self-Esteem & Motivation

Imagine how different life would be if you had more confidence, higher levels of self-esteem and bags more motivation. A lack of these can stand in your way of true happiness and a fulfilled life. During our coaching sessions, we will work closely to understand your drivers, limiting beliefs and your goals in order for you to develop new strategies and powerful mind-set shifts so that you can be confident with high self-esteem and motivated to achieve your goal.

Health & Wellbeing

Let me guess, you have tried all the diets that in the end just don’t work, you have a gym membership that never gets used? I too have been there. Health and wellbeing coaching allows us to tackle what’s really going on and find out what’s sabotaging your success. Together we identify what it is that is standing in your way then develop an easy to implement strategy to keep you on track so that you can work towards a healthy maintainable lifestyle

My one to one coaching programme creates real and lasting change, providing you with a distraction-free space that is all about you and your goals. Reconnect with your true self, discover personal growth and transformation, make your dreams a reality and live life to your full potential.

Nobody knows you better than you know yourself, you are the expert! It’s my job to help you work out what’s holding you back, find out what’s really going on, so that you can remove these barriers and start living the life you always dreamed about.

Invest in transformational coaching, invest in yourself, you deserve it!

Ready to create lasting, life altering change? Call Helen – 07412 384 420 or Click here to start your journey.