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5 Reasons Why I love Life As An Entrepreneur.

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Life as an entrepreneur isn’t always easy. There are days when it’s pretty tough and other’s when it’s darn right stressful, yet I regret not doing it sooner. Setting up my business was the best thing I have ever done.

1. I wanted more freedom

To have the freedom and creativity to run my business and serve my clients in the best possible way.

For me, giving value and helping my clients is the number one priory. I became tired of doing what was best for the organisation rather than my client. Now I get to support amazing women build their life as an entrepreneur.

2. I wanted life as an entrepreneur to include my family

Family has always been important to me and I always knew I wanted children. I waited until I was 38 before I had my son so ‘m not prepared to miss spending time with him, or witnessing his first steps and hearing his first word.

I have structured my business so I have total flexibility around my family and I get to spend quality time with them.

3. I craved more flexibility

Flexibility to work from anywhere. I love to travel and I couldn’t stand the idea of only having 5 weeks of holiday each year. 5 weeks of holiday is pretty generous in the scheme of things, but I wanted more freedom than that.

I can work anywhere from my kitchen table, a park in the summer or a beach. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. No more 9 till 5

I hate the 9-5. Life was so flipping predictable. Get up, go to work, eat breakfast at my desk (I mean please! What!) work, sit at my desk and scoff a sandwich, work again, go home, cook tea, collapse in front of the tv, go to bed – repeat!

Oh my god, I can’t believe I did it for so long! Now, I plan my own day, my own hours to fit around my life.

5. I knew I would be good at it

I knew I would smash it! I’ve always been good at my job, no matter what I’ve done. That’s not me blowing my own trumpet (but why the heck shouldn’t I, or you for that matter) I knew that I would make my business a success and I get a massive buzz from that. I was confident, that this venture would be a success.

I was sick of making other people a load of money (when they did nothing for it) my focus has always been doing the right thing for my clients, it’s about going the extra mile, giving as much added value as possible. My focus is helping women build their life as an entrepreneur.

In my experience if you are committed to adding value,
the financial return will follow!

There’s not a cat in hell’s chance I would ever go back to working for a corporate organisation ever again! Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfect for most people. But you’re not most people, are you?

Do you want this life?

If you are sitting there right now reading this, thinking, I want that! I want to run my own business, then get in touch. I’ve created a coaching programme for women just like you- you there still sat on that fence.

Isn’t it time you got off and decided once and for all if Life As An Entrepreneur is right for you?

Even if you decide it isn’t, you’re free to move forward with life, but imagine how exciting life would be if you finally followed your dreams!

What next?

PS – I’ve helped so many women build their Life As An Entrepreneur It’s all about having confidence and self-belief. Without, chances are you will struggle to make your business a real success. In order to help you build your confidence and create a positive, growth mindset I created Yes You Can. A Facebook group designed to support women just like you. You can join for free here

I would love to hear from you. How long have you been wishing you had your own business? Leave me a comment.


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