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My lack of confidence at work is ruining my career – what can I do about it?

Career confidence

How’s your career? Do you feel like one of those women who NEVER receive the promotion you know you deserve?

You work harder than anyone else, yet you still don’t get selected for special projects and your boss never seems to acknowledge all the amazing work you do? You’re the last one in the office and always first to arrive, yet nobody gives you any credit for it?

Perhaps you feel that even though you are highly successful and have earned your place on the senior management team, your opinions and ideas are overlooked and discounted? Your boss or your peers are constantly undermining you or taking digs, maybe you take negative feedback personally?

Sound familiar?

So, what’s the problem? You’re talented, highly educated and experienced, so why aren’t you reaching your full potential at work?

Ok, this might sting a little… The problem could be you!

There I said it!

Many of the awesome women who I work with lack confidence and self-belief. These women are highly successful in their own right, yet something inside them has been triggered, which undermines their self-belief, making them feel there’re not good enough.

The dreaded impostor syndrome – “Everyone else is better than me. I’m not as good as people think I am and I’m going to get found out”

If you are one of the many women who suffer with Impostor Syndrome, you might recognise these classic symptoms:
  • Unable to accept your accomplishments
  • Feelings that other people have an over inflated view of you
  • Thinking your success is a result of luck, rather than your talents or effort
  • Being fearful that one day you will be ‘found out’
  • Feeling like a fraud
  • Thinking your job must be easy, anyone could do it
  • Focusing on what you can’t do, rather than all the stuff you can do
  • A tendency to try and do everything perfect
  • Looking for external validation that you are smart enough
  • Talking negatively to yourself
  • Adopting a victim mentality “I’m never selected for promotion”
  • Taking feedback personally
  • Focusing on your failures and disappointments

How’s this impacting your career?

If you are walking around feeling like an impostor, it’s no wonder that your day to day performance and your success are being impacted. The good news is, we can rewire our brains, once we work out exactly how we are sabotaging our own success.

We can’t always make these limiting beliefs disappear completely, but over time they will lose their power over your daily thoughts and actions.

Looks like that promotion isn’t too far off after all!

If you want to build Rockstar confidence and unshakable self-belief so that you can finally get that promotion and take your career to the next level, check out my 1-Day Confidence Workshop, designed for women just like you.


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