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A Lack Of Confidence – 3 Ways It Is Impacting The Success Of Your Business

I work with such a diverse group business owners, some are just starting out in their venture, others have a few years experience, yet they all have one thing in common. They lack confidence.

I am passionate about helping business owners become more confident by giving them the tools and strategies they need to grow their business, but often more importantly support them in their journey of self-belief.

We are taking about highly educated talented women who at some point in their lives have allowed a negative situation or feedback to undermine their confidence and self-esteem.

This lack of confidence is firmly standing in their way of success. Their business is actually growing at a slower pace because they lack the confidence needed to take it to the next level.

So how exactly does a lack of confidence impact the success of your business?

It keeps you locked in your comfort zone

When you lack confidence and self-belief in your ability to do something it feels way safer to say in your comfort zone. It’s nice and safe here so there is little risk of failure. Old habits die hard, when we think we can’t do something, we look for evidence to support that belief and we normally find it!

As a result we stay locked in a bad situation; a job that’s no longer fulfilling you, a relationship, business that never grows or reaches its full potential.

You avoid taking on certain clients or big projects in your business because the fear of failure feels way too scary. Staying in your comfort zone robs you of ever reaching your full potential, the joy of doing work you love or the opportunity of running your own business.

You miss out on vital training required to take your business to the next level; who wants to look silly right? You don’t voice your options in meetings or networking events with your peers. You crumble if anyone critiques your business, services or products and take it as a personal insult.

As a result you miss out from the insight gained from other view points and miss feedback that could really transform your business.

Your constant inner dialogue keeps you from taking positive action, you are consumed with self-doubt, you’re reactive and seen as anything but a leader.

A lack of confidence and high levels of self-doubt breeds further doubt. Why would your clients want to invest and believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself?

The good news is, you can fake it until you make it!

Impostor syndrome strikes

Ah impostor syndrome, that ugly feeling that stands in your way and halts every dream you ever had. If you can’t do a perfect job why bother hey?

Impostor syndrome makes us second guess ourselves, it makes us question how we ever reached this stage in our business or career. A fluke, right place – right time, you were just lucky?

You created that luck all by yourself and negative self-talk and limiting beliefs will only stop you starting up your business in the first place.

Impostor syndrome and the drive to be a perfectionist will hold you back….monumentally.

Too afraid to speak up and contribute your valid points during meetings and client pitches, too afraid to ask questions, gosh imagine how silly you would look asking a question!?

You never truly find out what your clients and customers want… you’re too afraid to ask!

Instead, you spend time, or rather wasting time, trying to sell them stuff they don’t want. You become disheartened, so would I, sales dwindle, developing your business feels like an unwelcome task so reluctantly you decide to close the doors and go back to the day job, remember, that one that you hated so much?!

You don’t raise your prices or ask for what you are worth, why would they pay you the price you really want, what do you know hey?

You don’t market your business in a way that gets customers
knocking at your door, you become invisible.

You waste time continually questioning yourself asking if you are doing the right thing or not. Fear stops you from taking risks, you really don’t want to  look out of your depth now do you?!

You waste a whole heap of time worrying what others think and what they are doing in their business, rather than focusing on your potential and your business.

You are robbed of the positive energy that you so desperately need to grow your business, especially in the early days when it can be tough.

Of course every one is way more smarter than you, their businesses are more successful, they have more clients and make loads more money than you. Well, that’s what their Instagram account says right!?

A negative mindset undermines your success – so work on eliminating imposter syndrome and stop trying to be a perfectionist.

I will let you into a secret I have leant, perfection doesn’t exist. What you knew that already?

You don’t make mistakes

Surely making mistakes is a bad thing isn’t it? Of course not. Think back to when you leant to ride a bike. Did you master it first time? I am guessing like most of us, you wobbled and even fell off a couple of times before you finally peddled your way to the end of the street!

Imagine if you had handed back your bike the first time you made a mistake, concluding that exercise a complete disaster. You would never have learnt how to ride your bike.

It’s no different in business, making mistakes is good! Imagine never making a mistake… how dull!

Instead you sit for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years….yikes, rather than getting on with the task, making a few mistakes, learning valuable lessons and growing your business.

The good news is that we can rewire our brain and overtime with a few simple exercises the feelings of fear and imposter syndrome lose their control over you.

Here’s a little exercise for you. The first step to living more a more confident life is to actually visualise it.

See yourself as that confident, full of self-belief person and then reflect how different your life and successful your business would be if you were that person right now.

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Now you know why most businesses fail; a lack of self-belief. Don’t let yours be one of them

My life has changed beyond all recognition since starting up my own business. I’m passionate about helping women change their lives, by living more confidently and running their own business on their own terms!

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