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Increase Your Confidence & Increase Your Profits

Business confidence

“If I could wave a magic wand what would you like to change about yourself so that your business would flourish”

This is a question I ask all my clients – the answer is always the same.

I wish I could be more confident and have more belief in myself.

It pains me to see so many women struggling in their business. Not because they have a terrible product or service, nor because they have no strategy or marketing plan.

In fact, they are fantastic at what they do, yet, they struggle to attract new clients and are not making the enough money. Worse still, they are working more hours than they did in their corporate job.

The best business strategy in the world will not get your business to where you want it to be if you don’t also work on your mindset!

Confidence, self-belief and a winning mindset are the foundations of any great business. Just Google coaching and you will see well known entrepreneurs, all investing in a coaching, because this stuff works!

How many of these self-sabotaging activities are you guilty of?
  • Not asking for what you’re worth and afraid to raise your prices (or waiting until everything is perfect before you do)
  • Hesitating to do a Facebook Live, even though you know this will help your business thrive and get you known.
  • Afraid of pitches and presentations so you do everything to avoid them.
  • Never attend networking events (way too scary)
  • You fail to take risks and grab opportunities and never pursue your great ideas.
  • Avoid any financial risk and never invest in your business or yourself.
  • Unable to challenge ideas and hate the thought of negotiations.
  • Take feedback personally and overthink what’s been said all day!
  • Seek external validation, procrastinate and fail to take action and make decisions.
  • You want to reach anyone and everyone and keep your fees and prices low – asking for money is way too scary.
  • You work with clients who want the cheapest price and don’t value your services or expertise.

Shout about your business!

When you lack confidence and self-belief, you don’t fully believe in the value that you bring for your clients. As a result, you don’t communicate how you can help them effectively, you don’t get noticed as the expert that you are! As a result, you miss out on future work, opportunities and that all-important revenue.

When you have Rockstar confidence, you close more deals, you charge higher prices and you create clients who value and respect your services, clients who don’t expect discounts or cheap deals.

All this comes with taking action!

Successful business owners place importance on investing in themselves and their business, they know it’s about identifying blind spots, limitations and key areas to develop – things you just can’t spot alone.

Confident business owners know that hiring a coach will help them build even more confidence, challenging how they see their business and the eliminating the limiting beliefs that are standing in their way of greater success, growth and profit.

If you are just starting out, or have been in business for a while,
confidence really is key.


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