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Imagine how amazing life could be… If you just believed in yourself and your business.

confident business owners

I coach so many women who have businesses they love, yet aren’t performing, they want to know what they can change and what they can do to turn their business around. Now, I am no business coach, so I won’t write your strategy for you, in fact most of these women have well throughout out business plans, creative marketing plans and well-established goals.

What they don’t have, is the right mindset or the levels of confidence and self-belief required to make their business a success. This is where I can help them!

I’ve said before that no business will be a roaring success without two components – your strategy and a strong mindset, it just won’t happen.

I want you to imagine that you do have Rockstar confidence, you do have absolute self-belief and a winning mindset – how different would life be?

I will tell you exactly how different life would be, because I have seen the transformation these women make after their coaching.

  • They have the confidence to ask for what they are worth, their not afraid to raise their prices because they know how much value they bring for their clients.
  • Hesitating and procrastination are a thing of the past, they take action and make stuff happen. If they need to do a Facebook live to engage with their clients, they do it – they don’t dither and waste time.
  • Pitches, presentations and negotiations excite them. They don’t avoid them because they are scared, they know full well how vital their products and services are and are not afraid to shout about them.
  • Networking events are seen as brilliant opportunities to build their networks, they make sure they speak to everyone and know just how to get the conversation started.
  • They take risks and say yes to opportunities, even if they feel scared at the prospect, because they know, growing a business is about taking action and getting outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis.
  • They take calculated financial risk, investing in their business and themselves doesn’t scare them. In fact, it excites them, because they know personal growth means business growth and more profits.
  • Feedback is welcomed, it’s not personal and they know that. They don’t sit dwelling on what’s been said. They take on board the comments and make changes if they see fit. If they don’t agree with the feedback, they let it go.
  • External validation isn’t something they constantly seek. Feedback and opinions are always welcome, but they have the belief in themselves to move their business forward.
  • They don’t fear failure and see it for the learning and development opportunity that it is
  • Clients who want the cheapest price and discounts are directed elsewhere. Confident business owners know their worth and work with clients who value their offering and respect your services. They don’t have to deal with people expecting cheap deals.
  • They know that they won’t work with everyone, and that’s a good thing. They carve a niche and only work with these people. They value their own expertise and don’t devalue that by trying to help everyone.

When you are full of confidence and belief in yourself, work is easy,

It becomes fun, you work with clients you love on projects you choose and are rewarded financially. Life becomes more enjoyable when you don’t have limiting beliefs standing in your way, holding you back. Your mindset propels you, so it no longer feels like wadding in treacle just to get anything done.

All this comes with taking action!

Successful business owners place importance on investing in themselves and their business, they know it’s about identifying blind spots, limitations and key areas to develop – things you just can’t spot alone.

Confident business owners know that hiring a coach will help them build even more confidence, challenging how they see their business and the eliminating the limiting beliefs that are standing in their way of greater success, growth and profit.

If you are just starting out, or have been in business for a while, confidence really is key.

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