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How To Stop Worrying What Other People Think

It’s ‘normal’ to want other people to think well of you and there’s nothing wrong with creating good impressions. However, worrying excessively about what others think will have a negative impact on your all areas of your life.

Worrying about what other people think and their opinion of us means that we start to tailor our lives simply to meet the expectations of others (and this can never be a good thing).
It also means that we give away power and lose our true identity.

Here are 9 simple ways to forget the worry, and instead focus on being your best self:

Most people aren’t watching anyway

In today’s fast pasted, digital, have-everything-right-now world, the reality is that people are not even focusing on you and what you are doing. They are so busy focusing on their own lives, their own problems and worries (and their smart phones) to even notice what you are doing. The reality is that no one wakes up and spends their whole day thinking about you and what you are doing; so why are you worrying?

Stop with the overthinking

Overthinking can be a curse!  You can literally think yourself into worry. Ruminating thoughts can lead you to feel judged, even when you are not.  Learn to recognise overthinking and train yourself to replace it with positive thoughts.

Keep some perspective

We all have opinions, and I’m guessing that we have some opinions of other people. It doesn’t mean those opinions are in any way right.  What’s good for them may be terrible for you, and vice versa, so keep other people’s thoughts and comments in perspective.

Remember: You know best

Simply put, only you know what is best for you. You are the only person who is living your life.  Sure, people may have their views, but the only person who knows what is best for you is YOU.  Learning about yourself means you have to make mistakes and experience failure, and that’s OK.

Mind your own business

What others think of you is simply none of your business; so stop asking what other people think. Their views and opinions are theirs, and theirs only.  You don’t need their validation so stop worrying, especially if their views are negative.

Are you overly-sensitive?

Do you get upset even when people say things about you that aren’t even true? If you are a sensitive person, it is really easy to allow yourself to blow comments completely out of context. Work on developing a thicker skin so these comments don’t affect you.

Seek out constructive feedback

Ask yourself; who are you actually seeking feedback from in the first place?  Make sure you seek opinion (if you must) from those you respect and trust who will provide constructive and specific feedback. If you know that they tend to moan about anything and everything, then they aren’t the right people to be talking with.

Stop being a people pleaser

Here’s a secret, not everyone will like you and that’s OK!  Stop trying to please everyone; if you do, you are going to spend a lot of time fighting a losing battle.

Finally: Remember that life really is short

It may sound cliché but this is a fact. Life is short, far shorter than we think, so make it count. The first step really is to stop spending so much time worrying what other people think. Those who love and care for you, the important people, those that matter, they will stick around no matter what. So if you make a mistake or you fail monumentally at something, they will still be there.

Over-worrying about what other people think is not something you have to live with, so if worry is standing in your way of the life you really want, get in touch and book a free discovery session and find out if coaching can help you.


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