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How To Create A Better Relationship With Your Boss In 4 Easy Steps

How To Create A Better Relationship With Your Boss In 4 Easy Steps

Happy National Sickie Day! Yes, the 4th February 2019 is officially the day when people are most likely to pull a sickie. Let’s face it, it’s the first pay day weekend since Christmas… late night was it?

Oh, and January is the month when people tend to reevaluate their career. They start looking for a new opportunity, meaning a chunk of those interviews fall on, you guessed it, National Sickie Day.

I am a firm believer that people don’t leave organisations, they leave their manager. When I think back to my own time as an employee, the single biggest motivator for leaving was always a bad manager.

Sometimes I had lost respect for them, didn’t like their approach. Their values weren’t aligned with mine or one particular job, she was just bat sh*t crazy. (true story)

These people play a massive role in how your career pans out, so having a positive relationship with your manager is absolutely vital if you are looking for a promotion and to excel. Not to mention the impact on your motivation and morale. Who wants to turn up to work for a boss who sucks the life out of you? Not me thank you.

If your relationship with your manager is strained, what exactly can do you about it?

Ask for a monthly meeting

The more your manager knows you, your skills, achievement and your personality, the more likely your career is to develop. You will notice that you are selected more and more for special projects and promotion opportunities.

Meeting with employees also helps your manager to understand what’s going on in the business and shows you really care, not only about your own career but the organisation at large.

Yes, chances are your boss is very busy, but as an employee, you can, and should take the initiative to meet up with your boss at least once a month.

Facilitate great communication

You were hired because you have a specific set of skills that the company value as well as holding a different perspective, which can be really useful for your boss. It’s important to get this style of communication right.

Here’s a scary thought! Have you ever told your boss that one of their ideas isn’t great?

I get it, it’s a scary conversation, but an important one.

A good manager will appreciate that great communication is a two-way street and they will appreciate your input. They may be higher up the organisational chart, but not all their ideas and decisions are the right ones.

A great manager won’t get upset if you rejected their idea. In fact, your idea may spark another conversation, initiative, or idea in them.

Feeling comfortable to disagree with your boss and have an open line of communication will build a strong relationship. One where the best ideas will rise to the top, no matter who that idea comes from.

Remember your boss is human, too

It’s easy to forget that your manager is just like you, they are a human too. They will be armed with long to-do lists, have tight deadlines and big goals to achieve. There will be days when they feel anxious and stressed out like we all do.

Simple questions such as “how was your weekend, did you do anything fun?” or a simple “how are you?” demonstrates that you see them as a real person and not just a manager.

It isn’t about being best buddies or feeling like you need to hang out outside of work, it’s about communicating on a more personal level.

Stop using emails to have conversations

Remember times gone by when you actually got up from your desk, knocked on your managers door and actually had a conversation with them rather than pinging them an email?

No, me neither!

It’s time to break the pattern of always relying on email. All of us are our worst possible version of ourselves over digital media, we are so much more persuasive in person.

The overuse of email means that we are in danger losing our emotional intelligence and the ability to pick up on subtle, yet important body language, all of which help create a strong relationship with your manager.

Next time you find yourself sending an email, ask yourself, would this better be said face-to-face?

Creating a great relationship with your manager takes courage and action from you. With the right approach you can make sure you never overlooked for a promotional opportunity again.

What next?

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