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Stop Doubting Yourself – How To Increase Your Confidence


If I could eliminate self-doubt by  bottling up confidence and sell it I would be dishing it out during every one of my 121 coaching sessions because every single one of my clients, whatever their reason for working with me, struggle with self-doubt.

Self-doubt about their next career move, their ability to start a new business, ending a relationship, asking for a pay rise, going for that promotion or asking someone out on a date. Whatever the topic, self-doubt raises its ugly head.

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We can all doubt ourselves from time to time, myself included, however, it’s how we react to that self-doubt that is important. If we use it to consider all our options, then great. If we procrastinate, hesitate, hide and avoid taking action, well then that’s a problem.

Imagine if you had the self-confidence and the self-belief to try whatever you heart desired!
  • How different would your life be if you weren’t plagued with self-doubt?
  • How much happier would you feel?
  • What would you be doing that you aren’t right now?
  • How much more successful would you be at work,  in your business and in life?

We can be our own worst enemy because we stand in the way of our dreams and limit our own happiness.

Sucks, right?

The good news is that we are also the solution!

Self-doubt, like most things, is simply a habit, one that we have hardwired into our brains. Our job is to change the story we tell ourselves so that our hardwired story is a positive one, and one that helps us.

  • Do you find yourself regularly hesitating, feeling uncertain and then overthinking?
  • Does self-doubt cause you to  hide from making a decision?
  • Are you hypercritical and focus on all the things that could possibly go wrong?
  • Do you focus on past failures and use them as reasons why not to try?
  • Perhaps you feel helpless and adopt a victim mentality or find yourself filled with anxiety, worry and stress?

These are the traps of self-doubt!  

So, what’s the solution to end our self-doubt?

Well, that’s easy, it just takes some commitment and work on your part to make a few changes.

Firstly, remember that being nervous is a normal reaction, in fact it’s exactly the same reaction as when you are excited. Your body doesn’t know the difference.

If you tell yourself that you are nervous, scared and anxious; and that’s exactly how your body will react.

Switch your mental state and change your narrative.

Rather than tell yourself you are nervous right before you deliver that presentation, say to yourself; “I’m excited, I literally can’t wait to get on stage”.

There’s no point telling yourself not to be nervous, that won’t work, what will work is redirecting all of this energy positively. You will perform so much better and present yourself as someone who is excited rather than a bag of nerves.

I know which state I would prefer.

It’s just excitement

So, next time you are about to do something that really scares you, and this forces you to doubt yourself, just remember that nerves and excitement are exactly the same thing, it’s what your mind calls it that determines how you react.

Send the right message to your brain, tell it why your body is agitated and sweating – it’s simply excitement so there’s no reason to feel fear and self-doubt.

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