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The Number 1 Reason I Created My 1-Day Confidence & Mindset Workshop

Confidence & Mindset workshop exclusively for women

Confidence! My number 1 reason – Because I have been where you are right now and, well frankly it stinks!

No confidence and my self-belief on the floor – it’s no fun.

It pains me to see so many awesome women missing out on life because of this little thing called confidence. My pain magnified because I remember how I felt vividly, not so long ago.

I felt like a bystander of life.

Watching all the cool kids, the confident women smashing their goals and making their dreams reality. No matter what happened to them, whatever life threw at them, their self-confidence was unshakable.

They didn’t take things to heart like me, they excelled at work because they didn’t overthink, procrastinate and waste time.

They took action and made sh*t happen.

I envied them so much, but I concluded that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones,

I just wasn’t a confident person (that belief is absolute horse sh*t, just in case you were wondering)

These were women who were setting up their own businesses, rocking it in the board room, getting promoted, receiving pay rises, dating men who idolised them (rather than the absolute clowns I was subjected to)

  • They weren’t afraid to say their piece, share their opinions and stand up for themselves.
  • These women weren’t sat there worrying and dissecting every conversation they had and they didn’t seem to have this uncontrollable negative voice in their head.
  • All of them took action, and  just went for it and even when things didn’t work out for them, it didn’t seem to bother them.
I wanted to be one of these women!

That was then and this is NOW – thank god, because I might have gone mad!

One day, something snapped inside of me. I was sick of this missing out on life crap,

I knew that something needed to change, so I called a therapist. “There’s something wrong with me, and I don’t know what”

I was rather relieved when she told me at my first visit that I didn’t need a therapist, I needed a coach and she could help. At last I had found the answer! I was rather surprised, that the thing I needed to change wasn’t my job, where I lived, who I dated or some other external nonsense – it was ME!

I needed to change how I thought, the story I told myself and remove my limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs, what the hell were those?

It wasn’t until my coach pointed out just how I was holding myself back and how I was limiting not only my success in life, but also my happiness that life started to change – Hallelujah, the new Helen was born.

So, this is the reason why I have launched a 1-day confidence workshop – because I know just how you feel. I wasted so much time, thinking I was broken and unfixable, with  had no idea just how easy it was to completely transform my life.

So, I ditched the cheating boyfriend, I handed my notice in on the job I hated and I set up my own business – I couldn’t have transformed my life any more.

What allowed me to do this and make these transformation?

My belief in myself – that no matter what life threw at me I could handle it. I started to value myself like never before and it felt pretty amazing.

Now, I’m one of those women!

Is it your turn?

If you want to build Rockstar confidence and unshakable self-belief, register for my 1-Day workshop here


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