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confident at work

Unlock Your Potential

Right now, you are holding yourself back and you probably don’t even realise it. Unlock Your Potential is a powerful coaching programme, designed to show you the simplest way to take back control and make progress on things that matter to you.

It’s about giving you the tools and strategies so that you can enjoy Rockstar confidence and an unshakeable mindset.

Unlock your potential is all about discovering the power of YOU!

This is the perfect programme for women who;
  • Are tired of battling with self-doubt and limiting beliefs that stand in their way of achieving your goals, whether that be in life, work, your business or your relationships.
  • Constantly beat themselves up, are plagued with negative self-talk and continuous doubt in their ability to achieve something.
  • Can’t remember a day when they didn’t feel worried, stressed or overwhelmed.
  • Miss out on life’s opportunities and are too afraid to say yes to new challenges.
  • Are held back at work or in their business because their self-belief isn’t strong enough right now.
  • Strive for perfection, people please or struggle with impostor syndrome.
  • Have unfulfilled dreams and want to change that.
  • Are not living life to the fullest and constantly feel “there must be something more to life than this”
  • Feel every day is massive to-do list, your tired and burned out and you’ve had enough, you know something needs to change, you may even know what needs to change, you just don’t seem to be making change happen.
  • Are chronic worriers, feel stressed and anxious. Life just feels too overwhelming.
  • Are ready for some serious change in one or more areas of their life.
After this 6-week programme, you will be able to;
  • Identify the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being the powerful force you were intended to be. Start making your dreams a reality, not matter how big or small.
  • Understand how your habits and behaviours are stopping you from achieving and more importantly, you will know exactly what to do about them.
  • Be full of self-confidence to go after the opportunities that really matter to you. That might be at work, in your own business, in life or in a relationship.
  • Understand the things that trigger your overthinking, worry, doubt, procrastination, anxiety (to name a few) and have the tools to change your thinking and stop these anxious feelings quickly.
  • Have unshakeable confidence and self-belief that will impact all areas of your life.
  • Have the confidence to take on new challenges and push yourself right out of your comfort zone, a skill you can keep building on time and time again.
  • Create new thinking habits, that actually propel you in life, rather than hold you back.
  • Start taking action and getting sh*t done!
  • Kiss overwhelm goodbye, start getting the important stuff done and feeling great.
  • Live with more passion and energy, make progress in life, be satisfied and fulfilled.
  • No more feeling like a fraud, that dreaded impostor syndrome will be a thing of the past.
  • No more emotional outburst.
  • Have full control of your own life and wake up feeling excited about yourself, your life and your dreams.
  • Be the happiest you have ever been, now doesn’t that sound good?
Are you ready?

This coaching programme is designed to give you practical, no-nonsense advice and life strategies providing tangible results and skills that help people push through the everyday challenges we all face in life, work and relationships.

You are one decision away from a completely different life,
question is; Are You Ready?

Contact me at helenwalker@york-walker.com for more details