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Should I start my own business?

Get Unstuck & Make A Decision

Should I start my own business? OR should I stay in my 9-5 job? How long have you been stuck in limbo, unable to make a decision?

Let me guess – too long?

Get Unstuck is the perfect programme for women who;
  • Constantly ask themselves “Should I start my own business?”
  • Have way too many unanswered questions about life as an entrepreneur and if it’s right for them.
  • Are paralysed by fear, self-doubt and low self-confidence,
  • Feel on the fence and can’t make a decision about their future.
  • Want to understand all the pro’s and con’s of each option, so they can be sure that the decision they make is the right one for them.
  • Lie awake at night, wondering what it would be like to run their own business and want some answers.
At the end of this 4 week coaching programme, you will be able to;
  • Make a decision with total clarity and be 100% confident that it’s the right decision.
  • No longer waste valuable time asking yourself “Should I start my own business?”
  • Understand exactly what it is standing in you way and finally make that all important decision.
  • Have clarity on the limiting beliefs you hold and the story that you are telling yourself, which is hindering your decision making ability.
  • Feel confident and have unshakeable self-belief.
  • Map out your future career path; either as an employee or as an entrepreneur.
  • At last, you will feel unstuck and ready to carry on with your life.

Contact me for more details, email helenwalker@york-walker.com