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confident at work

Life Coaching

Right now, you are holding yourself back and you probably don’t even realise it. Confidence and self-belief underpins everything in life, it’s time to take back control and make progress on things that matter to you.

Does this sound like you…

  • I’m tired, burned out and I have had enough! Something needs to change, but I just don’t know how to make it happen. I’m missing out on opportunities because I’m too scared to say yes. I’m not living life to the fullest. There must be more to life than this! 
  • I feel constantly worried, stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. I’m always asking “what if” I always presume the worst will happen. I need to change the way I think because I have unfulfilled ambition and I want to change that fast before it’s too late. 
  • I feel like an imposter at work/in my business/in life. I fear that one day I will be “found out” and people with realise that I am not as good/funny/smart enough as I make out. It’s time I stopped people pleasing. 
  • It’s time to stop beating myself up, because I am good enough, yet I always doubt myself and I am tied of it. I have goals that I want to make happen, yet I am too afraid to take the leap. 
  • I am sick to death of these negative voices in my head, always telling me I am not enough. The voices are so loud and constantly remind me why I can’t do something, so I don’t even bother trying. 

If this sounds like you and you are ready for some serious change in your life, then Life Coaching is exactly what you need!

Transformation awaits!

  • Imagine a life where you no longer allow your negative internal voice to hold you back; Start that business you always talked about, change careers, retrain, writing a book, move countries, end a relationship or start a new one.
  • Just for a moment, imagine a life where you stop sabotaging your own happiness and success, a life where you emotions stop dictating your life and you are at last able to get out of your own way.
  • Finally a life that isn’t plagued with negative self-talk, procrastination, fear and self-doubt.
  • How good would it feel if you were happier, more confident, full of self-belief, more successful and had bags of self esteem. Imagine if you were invincible and had the power to make anything happen!
  • Just imagine if you were able to manage your mindset and beliefs and become the person you always wanted to be.

All of this and more is possible…
for those who are prepared to do the work on themselves.

Your investment

Each coaching session is 60 minutes, costs £125 and is delivered via Zoom video call. There is no minimum number of sessions when booking, but for real transformation to occur please be prepared to commit for a minimum of 3 months.