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confident at work

Confidence Coaching

The way we think can either hold us back or propel us forward to live our best and most successful life. Most of us carry around with us a belief system about how we see ourselves and the world we live in.

How many times have you missed out on opportunities because have you listened to that negative voice in your head?

Does this sound like you…

  • Too afraid to speak up in meetings in case they think your idea is rubbish.
  • You convince yourself that you are not really up to the job, you are soo scared to put yourself forward for new projects which slows down your career progression. 
  • You feel like a fraud at work and you’re convinced that it’s only a matter of time before you royally screw up and everyone discovers that you’ve been pulling the wool over their eyes all this time.
  • You feel stuck, because you constantly listen to that negative voice in your head telling you that you can’t do something or you’re not good enough.
  • Constantly worrying about what other’s think of you and that stops you from taking action.
  • You are so fearful of failure or making even the smallest mistake, you simply don’t give new things a go and miss out on life’s greatness.

If this sounds like you and you are ready for some serious change in your life, then Confidence Coaching is exactly what you need!

Real confidence comes when we learn how to change the way we think!

    Transforming the way you think is the secret to building confidence that lasts a lifetime. Once you understand the beliefs that hold you back, you can start to change these into powerful beliefs that push you forward so that you can create the level of success and happiness you never thought possible!

    • That negative voice that held you back with negative chatter – gone. Now you speak up in meetings, ask for what you deserve, speak publicly, stand up to the office bully, retrain and change careers – the world is your oyster when you have real confidence.
    • No more sabotaging your own happiness and success, at last you are able to get out of your own way and no longer fear failure.
    • You can make decisions about how to move your life forward with confidence and ease, you can start taking action without all that overthinking and procrastination
    • You finally can stop feeling like a fraud, and imposter at work and start owning your success, ask for that pay rise and put yourself forward for that promotion.
    • Have the confidence to shout about your business, publish that blog, go live on Facebook or even start your own business.

    All of this and more is possible…
    for those who are prepared to do the work on themselves.

    How much does coaching cost!

    Coaching is an investment of both time and money. It’s not a quick fix, it requires work and commitment on your part. At times it can feel uncomfortable and difficult, but that’s when real transformation happens. 

    I offer a range of coaching packages to suit match your financial and time budgets, packages start at £750 up to £6k depending on what you need to achieve.  

    To make an application, please click Apply Here and complete the application form.