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Confidence - women leaders

Confident Women At Work

Too many women are held back in their careers simply because they don’t have the confidence and self-belief to take advantage of opportunities. This coaching programme is designed to put this right!

This is the perfect programme for women who;
  • Have been overlooked for promotion and career advancing opportunities.
  • Are afraid to speak out in meetings because they are fearful of looking stupid.
  • Constantly worry what others think of them and their work.
  • Don’t go wholeheartedly after new opportunities or say yes to projects.
  • Downplay their skills and achievements.
  • Plagued with impostor syndrome and perfectionism.
  • Constantly putting themselves down and are overcritical.
  • Have a negative voice in their head and always second guessing yourself.
  • Consumed with self-doubt.
  • Unable to make decisions or say NO.
  • Overthink everything!
  • Always comparing yourself to others.
  • A serial people pleaser.
  • Are stick and tired of low self-confidence and want to finally do something about it.
After this 6 week programme, you will be able to;
  • Feel confident enough to go after a promotion or new opportunity.
  • Start to value yourself and believe that you are a valuable asset to your organisation.
  • Stop the what will everyone think nonsense and learn to be your authentic self.
  • Receive credit for the ideas your contribute and your hard work.
  • Be an assertive leader with the ability to create followers.
  • Unshakeable confidence and self-belief which will not only impact your career, but your whole life.
  • Have the confidence to take on new challenges and push yourself right out of your comfort zone.
  • Have the confidence to say NO or disagree with even the most intimidating people.
  • Feel happy and fulfilled at work.
  • Create more productive and successful relationships at work and in your personal life.
  • Put a stop to overthinking, procrastination, worry and use this extra energy towards achieving your goals.
  • No longer be afraid of failure and see mistakes as a learning tool, rather than a direct reflection of your worth
  • Love your job again and progress with ease.
  • £1,500

Contact me at helenwalker@york-walker.com for more details