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Common Questions – Discovery Call

Common Questions

How long does a coaching discovery call take?

Normally between 30 minutes to an hour and delivered via Zoom video call.

If I sign up for a personal development coaching discovery, call does that mean I have to sign up for Coaching?

Absolutely not, for coaching to be effective and transformational, the partnership has to be right. If I am not the right coach for you or I don’t think I can help you, I will be totally honest and tell you.

Who do I work with?

  • I work with female CEOs, senior leaders and entrepreneurs like you, supporting you to overcome your impostor syndrome, the very barrier that is standing in your way of even more success and achievement.
  • I help women think differently so they can enjoy their success and are not constantly feeling like a fraud.
  • Women who want to operate at the highest level and need to remove the constant negative inner voice that holds them back.
  • Those looking for total transformation, want to be pushed and ready to take action
  • Women wanting to change careers, start or grow a business and experience even more success.

How much does it cost?

Discovery calls are completely free, I want you to experience the power of coaching before you invest so you can be sure that it’s right for you.

Coaching packages start at £750 – £6k 

(*May 2020 prices.)

How long will coaching last?

Coaching takes time, there is no getting away from that, most people look to embark on a 3 or 6 month program, but I am offering a more intensive monthly package to help support you during the challenges of COVID-19.

How often do I need to book a coaching session?

This is to a large extend, determined by you and how quickly you want to achieve your goals. Most clients attend weekly or fortnightly.

Is it worth booking a discovery call if I have no idea what my
goals are?

Absolutely, in the session, you will have a clear idea of what they are and why they are important to you

What will make coaching right for me?

You need to be committed to making change happen. A coach can speed up and facilitate this change and achievement, but ultimately without your commitment, no change will happen.

Book your free discovery call

Start advancing your career or business.
Call me 07412 384 420 or email me at helenwalker@york-walker.com

Join a community

If you are not ready to invest in coaching for whatever reason, join my free Facebook community, full of likeminded successful and driven women, all working hard to overcome their impostor syndrome and build their confidence.


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