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Overthinking… Gosh, what will they think? Will they think I’m too big for my boots? What will they think of my new hair do? Will they think I’m stupid?

Overthinking about what others think of you can quash your dreams in a nano second, make you feel like 💩 and paralyse you from taking any sort of action.

It’s no wonder so many female entrepreneurs turn to coaching in order to help them eliminate these mindset gremlins once and for all.

Here’s 3 tips to help you right away!

So here’s the underlying fact!

What other people think of you is non of your business! It’s time to stop listening to the views of others, because honestly, it doesn’t matter what they think!

All that matters is what you think! Overthinking will just drive you mad!

They are worrying what you think!

Whilst you are sat there freaking out about what they are saying or thinking about you, they are doing exactly the same! Overthinking their own lives!

You didn’t think you were the only one thinking this way did you?

The whole world is worrying what everyone’s thinking!

The only person we are really thinking about is ourselves! Because most of us have our own issues, insecurities and fears we’re battling with.

In the nicest possible way, they haven’t got time to think about your, their too consumed trying to sort their own mindset gremlins out!

Is it approval or permission you’re after?

We have all asked other people’s opinions and there’s nothing wrong with that!

👗 How does this dress look?

🕵️‍♀️ What do you think about this?

The trouble comes when our requests for someone’s opinion is actual a need for approval in disguise!

You certainly don’t need anyone’s approval!

🏦 Start a business

💔 End a relationship

🏃‍♀️ Train for a marathon

👩‍🏫 Learn Chinese

These are YOUR choices and you certainly don’t need permission from anyone!

Is your chimp going crazy and overthinking?

Your brain is made up of 2 parts, the logical, human part and the emotional chimp part!

Ok, I’m simplifying this massively here, but stay with me!

Gain control of your chimp, look at the emotions and thoughts that are running through your head and ask yourself;

  • Is what I’m thinking really true? (Is this overthinking actually helping me?)
  • Am I making assumptions about what people are thinking?
  • Is there some mind reading going on? (Or are you trying to)
  • Perhaps what I’m thinking utter bullshit and simply my mindset gremlins at work? (9/10 out of 10, this is the answer!)

Keep writing these thoughts and feelings down, it will help you to get more focused and work out what’s really going on.

Writing things down also helps you spot pattens in your thinking and behaviour. Notice what triggers keep popping up. That way you can start changing your thinking habits to more self serving ones.

Help is on hand…

I know first hand how overthinking and worrying can make you feel and how it can get in the way of creating a life and business you love.

That’s why I’m offering a 4 week intensive coaching programme, designed to help you regain control of your chimp, your mindset and finally eliminate all these negative beliefs you hold about yourself.

You will receive a 60 min coaching call via zoom each week so you can finally nail these beliefs. This intensive coaching package is £600 and designed to get you quick results!

I’m opening up 3 spaces for intensive coaching, simply email helenwalker@york-walker.com to book.


confident business owners

I coach so many women who have businesses they love, yet aren’t performing, they want to know what they can change and what they can do to turn their business around. Now, I am no business coach, so I won’t write your strategy for you, in fact most of these women have well throughout out business plans, creative marketing plans and well-established goals.

What they don’t have, is the right mindset or the levels of confidence and self-belief required to make their business a success. This is where I can help them!



I work with such a diverse group business owners, some are just starting out in their venture, others have a few years experience, yet they all have one thing in common. They lack confidence.

I am passionate about helping business owners become more confident by giving them the tools and strategies they need to grow their business, but often more importantly support them in their journey of self-belief…


…But I’m too afraid I won’t be able to generate new business!

Throughout my 15 year career, I have always been responsible for generating my own new business. Without it I would have failed and no-doubt I wouldn’t have lasted in the role for very long.

Initially business development was something I tried to avoid at all costs because the very thought of anything salesy brought me out in a cold sweat.