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I’m sorry that I ever lied to you, forgive me, but I was too scared of what you might think of me.

When I very first began coaching, I had the massive misconception that nobody in their right mind would want to work with me If they knew my secret.

You see, when I qualified as a coach, I had finally got my shit together.

I’m confident and full of self-belief, a completely different person from the who I used to be.

I haven’t always been this person you see today.

So here goes, he’s the truth.

I’ve been treated for depression, I’ve hung around in mentally abusive relationships for far too many years because I believed I wasn’t good enough to love.

I’ve had an eating disorder, I’ve suffered with anxiety, hated my job, yet too afraid to leave, trapped by a big pay check and a boss who bullied me.

I’ve being a serial procrastinator, I’ve been paralysed by fear, felt an outcast with my friends and plagued with the fear that I’m just not good enough.

How’s that for starters?

So, I gave the illusion to the world, that I’d always been carefree, laid back women, like nothing at all would bother me.

I’m 40 now, experienced in life and realise that there isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t lack confidence or self-belief from time to time.

I saw my problems as a weakness that I must hide.

Too fearful of the judgement that would come if anyone knew that I had been too upset to even get out of bed for almost 4 days, unable to even brush my hair, feed myself or get dressed.

Those 4 days were the tipping point for me.

I knew that something HAD to change.

I felt useless, rock bottom and totally worthless.

I remember the feeling like it was yesterday, it will stay with me forever, a gentle reminder that I can never return to that dark place.

A reminder, that on occasions I might feel tired or too busy to do the work required to keep building my self-worth and my confidence, but I must, no matter what, because going back to that place isn’t an option.

Quick and easy, it’s not!

I’d like to say that transforming my life was easy, quick and pain free, but I’d be lying, and lying to you or myself is something that I’ll never do again.

Building your confidence and self-worth is tough, it’s frustrating and at times it feels like you will never get there.

I’ve learnt so much about how my mind work, often against me, so it comes as no surprise that transformation is gonna take work.

It takes time, patience and if you’re really serious about changing how your feel, your life and your success, then it’s gonna cost you some money.

I’d spend it all again in a heartbeat, because I couldn’t put a price on taking that pain and those feelings away.

A belief is simply a thought you have accepted to be true!

Just because you think it, doesn’t make it the truth. Yet, these beliefs are so firmly lodged in our subconscious, we believe them to be absolute truths.

They guide our life, limit our dreams and hold us back.

They keep us stuck, small, unfulfilled, unhappy and unsuccessful.

The reality is, my dirty little secret that I fought so hard to hide away is what’s made me into the coach I am today. I’ve changed people’s lives, literally transformed them from scared, vulnerable women with no sense of worth, to confident leaders, CEOs, business owners, strong mothers, wives, girlfriends and friends.

My own troubles mean that I know EXACTLY how you feel! It means I’m the perfect coach to help and support you.

I know exactly what it takes to drag yourself from despair, feeling unworthy and unloved to a kick arse women who runs her own successful business, with a family she adores, full of confidence and self-love.

I know what absolute happiness is, I’m grateful every single day that my path crossed with my coach, who helped me create this amazingly, rewarding life I have today.

I’m totally and utterly blessed to have had the experience in life I have, because it fuels me every day.

My absolute passion is supporting women to be the best version of themselves by building confidence and self-belief.

So, I share my secret with you, maybe you will judge me, maybe you won’t, either way, I don’t mind.

Long gone as the days when I beat myself up for my past or worry what others think about me.

When you work on you, changing how you feel on the inside, building your confidence and self-belief, nothing or nobody can touch you!

So there you have it. I’m sorry I lied, but it took me some work to finally have the courage to admit the truth.

Is it your time?

If you are sick and tired of hiding behind your lie and want to change your life, happiness and success get in touch.

Building confidence takes time and often we need support to do it, but once you have self-belief, anything is possible.

Email me at helenwalker@york-walker.com for more details on the coaching packages I offer.



I can't afford to start my own business

“Starting a business, OMG are you mad? Why would you give up your great salary and secure job?”

This was the typical response when I told people that I was leaving my job in recruitment to start my own business.

This fear had never even entered my head until everyone else kept banging on about it!

I had been thinking about starting a business for over 4 years and even bored myself with all the talk, I decided that 2013 was my year, I was going to do it regardless of all the negative comments I received!

Money has such a hold over us




Overthinking… Gosh, what will they think? Will they think I’m too big for my boots? What will they think of my new hair do? Will they think I’m stupid?

Overthinking about what others think of you can quash your dreams in a nano second, make you feel like 💩 and paralyse you from taking any sort of action.

It’s no wonder so many female entrepreneurs turn to coaching in order to help them eliminate these mindset gremlins once and for all.

Here’s 3 tips to help you right away!..

confident business owners

I coach so many women who have businesses they love, yet aren’t performing, they want to know what they can change and what they can do to turn their business around. Now, I am no business coach, so I won’t write your strategy for you, in fact most of these women have well throughout out business plans, creative marketing plans and well-established goals.

What they don’t have, is the right mindset or the levels of confidence and self-belief required to make their business a success. This is where I can help them!



excel at work

Confidence and self-belief, ahh if I could bottle them up and sell them, I would be a very rich woman. Well I can do the next best thing! I can give you a tool kit for life so you can keep developing this much needed skill.

That’s the thing with confidence, it’s self-generated and unfortunately nobody else can give it to you (they can take it away from you if you don’t have the right mindset though)

I have coached so many fantastic women over the years who have worked with me in the hope of becoming more successful at work…


Confidence & Mindset workshop exclusively for women

Confidence! My number 1 reason – Because I have been where you are right now and, well frankly it stinks!

No confidence and my self-belief on the floor – it’s no fun.

It pains me to see so many awesome women missing out on life because of this little thing called confidence. My pain magnified because I remember how I felt vividly, not so long ago.

I felt like a bystander of life.

Watching all the cool kids, the confident women smashing their goals and making their dreams reality. No matter what happened to them, whatever life threw at them, their self-confidence was unshakable.

They didn’t take things to heart like me, they excelled at work because they didn’t overthink, procrastinate and waste time.

How Do I Overcome My Fears?

How do I overcome my fears? It’s something I am asked as a coach time and time again. Imagine if you were more afraid of what life would be like if you didn’t follow through on something. If you didn’t take action. If you didn’t make your dream a reality?

How much more useful would that type of fear be?

This mindset is the difference between successful and unsuccessful  people. Fear isn’t a bad thing, fear isn’t something that you need to avoid.

Fear can fuel you to make your dreams a reality.

Successful people fear missing out, they fear the cost of not doing something. They fear not taking the risk, both in business and their personal life. Successful people are excited by fear, because fear means progress.

So how do you use fear in a positive way?