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Are you a perfectionist? “I don’t have time to think about myself or take care of my own needs. Everyone else comes first; my kids, my husband, work…even the dog comes before me! I have to keep all the plates spinning; I have to be an amazing mother and wife and be successful at work…I just need to work out how to be perfect”

Sound familiar?



Dating  (gulp…. I’d rather stick needles in my eyes)

This was the response one of my clients had when we spoke about the prospect of dating.

As it’s Halloween this month, I’ve been thinking about the topics that generate the most fear for my coaching clients.

Dating is always in the top 5!

Why is it that dating causes so much fear?..


Fear, that wretched feeling when you are about to do something that scares the living day lights out of you. Years ago, I would have let fear get in between me and my goals and stop me achieving what I really wanted out of life.

Now, I don’t let it.

It’s not because I don’t feel fear, of course I do, I just don’t let it stop me.


I work with such a diverse group business owners, some are just starting out in their venture, others have a few years experience, yet they all have one thing in common. They lack confidence.

I am passionate about helping business owners become more confident by giving them the tools and strategies they need to grow their business, but often more importantly support them in their journey of self-belief…

…But I’m too afraid I won’t be able to generate new business!

Throughout my 15 year career, I have always been responsible for generating my own new business. Without it I would have failed and no-doubt I wouldn’t have lasted in the role for very long.

Initially business development was something I tried to avoid at all costs because the very thought of anything salesy brought me out in a cold sweat.

Running your own business is one of the most rewarding things you can do, although it’s not without its struggles. It’s no wonder that most businesses fail within the first 12 months.

That’s why during my coaching programme designed for new business owners, we spend time looking at your WHY – your motivations for starting your business, because when times get tough, stressful and the task in hand feels too big, (and it will do) you will need to remember WHY you started this in the first place.

We all have a money story. A story that we tell ourselves which has a big impact on the money that we make. Chances are you don’t even realise that you have a money story. So you fail to understand why your business isn’t making the money you intended. (Or why you aren’t earning the ideal Salary)

I had baggage around money, baggage that I didn’t even know I had. When I decided to invest in a coach (thank goodness I did) it quickly became apparent that I had a money story that was hindering the amount my business I was making and impacting how quickly my business was growing.

Throughout my 13-year career, I have helped many people become great decision makers and eliminated their fear of making the “wrong” choice, in turn helping them to become happier, less stressed and far more productive in their life.

Constantly worrying about making the “right” choice means that people end up doing nothing, they enter a state of analysis-paralysis and life doesn’t move on. Instead, life is stressful, full of anxiety, mundane and stagnant.

So what exactly can you do to help yourself to become a better decision maker?