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Why better communication might just be the answer to your management problems

Think about your team for a moment, how do they react to you as a manager? Do they do everything you tell them, or do you have to ask them several times? Do you have to scream and shout before anything gets accomplished?

Right, we might just have identified the root cause of your management issue!

How would you describe your management style? More of a “tell” or one which empowers your team?

Communication is the solution 

The best managers don’t shout the loudest, in fact they don’t shout at all. In my experience the most effective managers are the ones who empower and give ownership back to the team. People want to belong and have a desire to be recognised for their achievements and people tend to react negatively when they are told and ordered to do something (of course there’s always exceptions, such as the army etc., where orders are vital) but in the office environment it’s rarely effective.

Create ownership for projects and tasks and avoid continuously checking in.

Trust your employee, trust their ability and the fact that the task will be complete. How they complete it is up to them, all you need to focus on is their end solution.

Get buy in from your team, don’t sit in your ivory tower busy developing a strategy, it will only leave you feeling confused when you team doesn’t buy into it! Involve the team from the start, let them be part of the decision-making process. Who says you have all the answers anyhow? When people are part of developing that strategy, they feel a sense of ownership and will ultimately be more committed to deliver it successfully.

Allow mistakes to happen!

There’s no point worrying about them and micromanaging so mistakes won’t occur! Trust me, no matter what you do, mistakes will happen, we are human so it’s inevitable. Create a culture where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities. When we feel free to try new methods and approaches we are more likely to come up with better ideas!

Heavy workloads, deadlines, meetings and general life mean that managers are becoming increasingly stretched and it can feel quicker to bark orders to get the task done. I can ensure you, all this is doing is creating you more work and more problems down the line!

Maybe it’s time to objectively review your communication style! 

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