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History of York Walker

York Walker was born in July 2013 with the mission of supporting more people happier, rewarding and more fulfilled in all areas of their lives through coaching. I am passionate about empowering people to develop the skills and confidence to make change happen for themselves.

I work with amazing individuals who have already experienced success, but for one reason or another they just aren’t fulfilling their potential. Some people feel stuck in a rut, find themselves in a career they no longer love, or dream of working for themselves but don’t have the confidence to make it happen.

Others are stuck in relationships that are unfulfilling, lack confidence, experience way too much stress and anxiety, which in turn impacts health and wellbeing.

I am extremely passionate about coaching and the value it brings . I work in a relaxed and friendly manner that delivers results and makes an impact from my home practice in Leatherhead, Surrey. I use a holistic approach taking into account all areas of your life, because I truly believe this is the key to find real happiness and true fulfilment in life.

Is it time you invested in yourself?