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9 Ways To A More Genuine You

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is something that is talked about.. a lot. With all the research out there it’s agreed that EQ is critical to your performance at work, it is even said that a higher EQ means a higher salary and is responsible for 58% of your performance at work.

So fair to say a higher EQ equals big benefits, so what’s the secret? Well you have to be genuine. This is not something you can fake. ‘Okay, today I am going to be genuine”

People are sceptical by nature, so they want to be sure that your emotions are authentic

Leaders more effective at motivating people because they inspire, trust through their action, not just words

So just how can you be more genuine?

1. Don’t concern yourself with being liked

Confident and authentic people are simply themselves. If you like them, fine. If not, well that’s fine too. Genuine people don’t try to make other people like them, they are fine making unpopular decisions for the greater good, they are not concerned with impressing you in order for you to like them in return.

2. Don’t pass judgement

Genuine, authentic people are open minded and willing to listen. They don’t force their opinions on you, making for a far more interesting conversation. They are approachable and encourages employees to present new ideas in the workforce.

3. Be generous

This doesn’t mean you need to splash the cash, genuine people don’t hold knowledge or resources back. In the workplace genuine leaders provide employees with access to resources that they need to do the job well. They want you to be successful and to do well, they are team players and confident that your success won’t make them look bad, your success is their success.

4. hey treat everyone with respect

They treat everyone the same, no matter if that’s the CEO, a client, a junior member of staff or a waitress in your local restaurant. Genuine people realise that no one is better than anyone else.

5. Don’t get your motivation from material things

Genuine people see nothing wrong with material things to show of their status, but they don’t need fancy stuff to feel good or to be happy. They appreciate that happiness comes from within, simple pleasures; family, friends and sense of purpose all making life rich

6. Be trustworthy

They speak their mind and present ideas without the need to convince others they are right. People know that if they say something, they mean it, they are not simply saying it to be nice. Their words mean more, because you know you can trust what they are saying.

7. Don’t brag or boast

Authentic people are confident in their achievements; they know people will notice them on their own merit, without having to boast about their accomplishments.

8. Admit your faults

In order to be true to your feelings and opinions you must be honest with yourself and your thoughts, beliefs and behaviour, the good and the bad. Owning your faults and shortcomings, accept them and take responsibilities for your actions. People will respect you far more.

9. Ensure you have solid self-esteem

Solid self-esteem doesn’t mean sky high, nor does it mean not having any. Self-esteem is a fine balance; not too high, not too low. Genuine people are not threatened by imperfection and are able to absorb negative and positive feedback and acknowledge aspects of their character that might need work or improvement without dismissing their overall sense of self worth

What next?

Being genuine is a skill you can develop that will have massive impacts on all aspects of your life from work, relationships, performance, your salary, friends and family. Do people see you as genuine? If not, how is it impacting things?


Coaching can help you realise these impacts and more importantly what you can do to become more genuine.

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