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5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Social Hiring Strategy

The way organisations recruit is changing and the very landscape of recruitment has changed, yet many organisations are failing to keep up with this advancements. In fact many organisations are yet to realise that they even need to change the way they recruit.

Remember when all you had to do was write a pretty average job advert and advertise it on your website and then wait for the applications to come flooding in. You could then sit back and cherry pick the top 5 candidates who you then wanted to interview. The worrying fact is, that many organisations are still doing this! They are still hoping for the best and are perplexed when they check their inbox on the closing date and realise the 100 odd applicants they have received are of no relevance whatsoever.

A month of wasted time and you are back to square one with no candidates, not even half decent ones.

Organisations that don’t invest in their social hiring strategy WILL without doubt be missing out on amazing, talented individuals. Here are a few other reasons why you MUST invest in a social hiring strategy:

  1. There has never been a more important time for organisations to really invest in their recruitment strategy, for years organisations have been harping on about how their people are their most valuable asset (and then not really doing much to recruit or support these people) But now, more than ever organisations needs to evaluate how they are recruiting (and retaining) top talent. Great candidates are in short supply and massive demand, if you don’t use effective online methods to recruit them, your competitors will and you will have the pick of who’s left.
  1. Your future leaders are millennials (generation Y), they come from a generation of online; when they want to find a great restaurant, when they search online, they want to learn a new skill, they search the web, when they want a new job, they search online. If you don’t have an online talent brand and don’t promote your organisation as a place to work you won’t stand a chance of attracting these people.
  1. It isn’t enough to rely on a job advert to attract candidates, not all candidates are active job seekers, so not everyone you are targeting is checking out job boards or applying for your vacancy. Candidate attraction starts long before you have a vacancy, people have to be interested in your brand as a potential place to work and develop their career. If the first thing a candidate has heard about your organisation is your job vacancy, well it’s too late.
  1. Using social media as a recruitment tool allows you to create a talent brand and this will make the difference between attracting and losing top talent. If you are not actively communicating your values, achievements and personality in a way that prospects can easily see, you’re losing candidates to organisations who are.
  1. Lets say you find a brilliant candidate on LinkedIn, they are perfect, they have all the right skills and experience you are looking for. You send them an email or leave them a voice mail to call you back regarding your brilliant vacancy. What’s the first thing they are going to do before calling you back? Yes, you guessed it; they are going to check out your company LinkedIn profile and probably your own personal profile. If you look like every other organisation or worse still you have a uninspiring LinkedIn Company Page, what are the chances of that amazing candidate having an interest in working for you or even calling you back? You have lost them right there.

Social hiring can feel like a daunting task, with so many online platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where do you even start? Social recruiting is easier than people think, it’s about getting your strategy right and then training your team and giving them the skills they need to implement this strategy.

That’s where I come in; I work with a range of organisations supporting them to develop their social media strategy and running training workshops. If you feel you are not taking advantage of these free online tools as part of your recruitment strategy get in touch 

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