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3 ways To Stop Worrying What Others Think About You

So you can start scaling your business and enjoying financial freedom!

When we focus on other people, their views and thoughts it’s
really easy not to take action and do the things you need to in order to grow
your business and achieve financial freedom.

So what can you do so you can finally stop worrying what others think of you?

Mind Your Own Business

Yep, you heard me, keep your nose out. What they think of you ain’t any of your business. Remember that everyone is entitled to their view and plus you have no idea what they are basing their opinion on. Maybe they have misinterpreted something you said or they didn’t like your choice of blouse that day, maybe they take a dislike to everyone they meet?

Who knows the reason, who cares, it ain’t any of your business,
so don’t focus on it.

Know Your Motivation

Scaling a business takes courage and hard work and even the
most self-assured have days when their confidence takes a knock and they start worrying
what others are thinking about them.

On days like these, it’s easy to not take action, so it’s imperative that you know your why, your motivation, what’s the reason you work so hard in your business, why have you taken on the role as entrepreneur whilst juggling 2 kids and all that goes with it?

Perhaps it’s because you want to create a better life for your kids, send them to private school, buy a bigger house in a safer neighbourhood, be a role model, have a sense of fulfilment, make positive change or  leave a legacy.

Whatever it is make sure you keep reminding yourself what motivates you, because when your confidence inevitably takes a knock, knowing your why will keep you powering on through.

Reframe Your Thoughts

Real, lasting confidence comes when change the way you
think. We have an inbuilt system that always defaults to negative, so we need
to be really careful what beliefs we program into our minds.

If your mind is full of old, unhelpful beliefs that hold you
back, then you need to work on changing them. Perhaps when you take on a new challenge,
you automatically think you can’t do it, or you will fail and people will laugh
at you for even having the audacity to give it a go.

On the other hand, if you mind is full of positive thoughts
that propel you forward, you are way less likely to worry what others are
thinking about you. Thoughts like I can do this, I am allowed to make a
mistake, it’s how I will learn and grow is way more helpful.

Time to take action

If you’re not taking action and your business is suffering I’ts time to make a change, well if you want financial freedom that is. Making these changes is easy when you have the right support in place.

What next?

Find out more about The M-Power Method; my signature confidence and mindset coaching programme designed for busy female entrepreneurs who want the confidence to scale their business and make more money.

Contact me at helenwalker@york-walker.com


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