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25 Signs You’re In The Wrong Job

  1. You struggle to get out of bed in the morning and loathe Sundays
  2. You feel disconnected from your job
  3. You are just in it for the money
  4. You cant be the real you
  5. You don’t believe in what the company does
  6. You feel unfulfilled
  7. You aren’t gaining new skills and you don’t feel challenged
  8. You don’t find joy in the wins
  9. You feel undervalued
  10. You cant see any growth opportunities
  11. You have lost respect for your boss
  12. You clock watch, everyday
  13. You job is making you sad or effecting your health
  14. You have no ‘life’
  15. You are embarrassed by your job or embarrassed when people ask you what you do
  16. You are not being paid what you are worth
  17. Your talents are going to waste
  18. You feel like an outsider
  19. You feel as though your work doesn’t make a difference
  20. You are not learning
  21. Everyone is negative
  22. You spend a big chunk of your day surfing the internet (looking for jobs)
  23. The thought of working for the same company in 2 years makes you sad
  24. You day dream a lot about how life should be
  25. You are bored and jump at every opportunity to make tea for the team

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