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10 Interview Mistakes That Cost You Great Candidates

Recruitment is costly, we all know that, not only in terms of money but also time. Getting your recruitment process right means hiring average talent or amazing talent, which in turn will have a massive impact on your organisation and your bottom line.

Here are 10 Interview mistakes to avoid
  1. Not preparing before interviewing them.
  2. Thinking the interview process is an opportunity only for you.
  3. Not starting interviews on time.
  4. Leaving small windows of time for interviews.
  5. Unable to demonstrate clearly what’s in it for the candidate
  6. Thinking the candidate is only interviewing with your company
  7. Failing to recognise that you are in a competitive candidate market
  8. Forgetting to hire for skills and future potential.
  9. Unable to show your own unique personality.
  10. Conducting a boring and uninspiring interview.

Interviewing candidates is a hard skill, I had over 10 years practice and there’s always more to learn. Recruitment Coaching is designed to help individual line managers develop their own unique interview style, one that creates a great candidate experience and ensures your organisation recruits the best talent, quicker and more cost effective.

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